Launched tractor business with technical cooperation for 4 models of FIAT. Designated as a comprehensive agricultural manufacturer.


Goldstar Cable Co. acquired Gunpo plant from Korea Heavy Industry & Construction. Technical cooperation with Mitsubishi agricultural machinery.


Turnover reaches 70 million USD (increase 150% compared to previous year). Turnover exceeded 100 million USD in 1993.

  Development of the  Utility tractor M-model. Successful local introduction of 55hp Utility model. M-model is in cooperation with IT Co. Ltd in USA for technical service & other technology.
  Wide-scale success in the USA market as well as in European, Japanese, Australian and South-East Asian markets.

Gunpo plant moved to it's new site at Jeon Ju. Plant production capacity is now 20,000 units of tractors and has the largest painting line in Korea.


  The introduction of the new U series as well as the continued development of the Rio Series has helped LS break into more and more markets throughout Europe, including the UK and Ireland.

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