Who are LS?
LS tractor originated in the South Korean LG group which has some 160,000 employees worldwide. LS has produced tractors since 1977. Currently some 9000 units are exported every year, the majority of these going to the demanding USA market, where they are sold as Montana Tractors. (www.montanatractors.com)
Who are KOB Groundcare?
KOB Groundcare, based in Bolton, is part of the Kellys of Borris Group, with business interests in agricultural, construction and groundcare machinery in both the UK and Ireland. The Group was established in 1957. KOB Groundcare is the sole importer and distributor of LS Tractor in the UK and Ireland.
What does the future hold for LS in the UK and Ireland?
Current the LS tractor range runs from 28 to 60 horsepower. Before the end of 2008 this range will be extended both downwards and upwards, with a range from 20 to 90 horsepower. LS aim to offer customers high specification, unsurpassed quality, and  technically advanced tractors at reasonable prices. LS is more!
How do I buy an LS Tractor?
Go to our contact info. page and click on the map to find your nearest dealer. Give your local dealer a call, tell them what you're looking for.. If you do not have a local dealer or can not find one who meets your requirements then please contact KOB directly on 01204 548822.
What is the warranty provision and can I be sure of parts and service back-up into the future?
The standard warranty is 24 months. To facilitate ready supply of spare parts KOB has entered into an agreement with a specialist parts supplier in the UK to provide state-of-the-art parts back-up.

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