U43 U50 U60
  Gross Output (hp)   43 47 57
  Rated Speed (rpm)   2600
  Type   Vertical,  Indirect  Vertical,  Indirect  Vertical,  Indirect (T/C) 
  No. of Cylinder   4
  Displacement (cc)   2505
  Cold Starting Aid   Glow Plug
  Fuel Tank Cap.()   60
  Cooling System   Water-Cooled
PTO PTO type    Independent PTO 
  PTO speed (rpm)   540/750/1,000
  Control    Electro Hydraulic
POWER TRAIN Transmission    16Fx16R
  Creeper       32Fx16R (Option)  
  Speed Range  (Km/h)                  1.2~30.4 1.2~31.6 1.2~30.8
  Main Gear Shift Type   Synchronized
  Shuttle Function   Synchro Shuttle
  Range Gear Shift Type   Constant Mesh 
  Brake type   wet, multi disc
  Parking Brake(hand lever) Yes
Hydraulics  Implements Control   Position, Draft, Mixed
  Remote spool valves    2 Pairs
  Front Outlet Valve   Yes
  Lower Link Type   Auto-Quick Hitch (Cat I or II)
  Lift capacity at ball end (kg)  1500 1500 1750
  Steering type   Power Hydraulic
Electronics Battery Capacity   12V, 80AH
  Alternator   12V - 45A
  Working Light   Yes
  7pole trailer connector   Yes
Dimensions Standard Tyre (Agri) FRONT 8.3-20.0 (6PR) 9.5-20.0 (6PR) 11.2-20.0 (8PR)
    REAR 12.4-28.0 (6PR) 13.6-28.0 (6PR) 14.9-28.0 (8PR)
  Length (bumper to link end) (mm) 3740~3760 3740~3760 3757~3777
  Tread (mm)   1256~1558 1326~1718 1426~1666
  Height (mm)  ROPS 2559 2563 2650
    CABIN 2395 2412 2434
  Weight without ballast                 ROPS 1995 1995 2165
  (kg) CABIN 2200 2200 2370
  Wheel Base (mm)   1930 1930 2047
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