Rio 28i HST Rio 36i HST Rio 50 HST
Engine Model (Mitsubishi)   S4L S4L2 S4QL
  Gross Output (hp)   28 38.5 47
  Rated Speed (rpm)   2600 2700 2600
  Type   Vertical,  Indirect  Vertical,  Indirect  Vertical,  Indirect 
  No. of Cylinder   4 4 4
  Displacement (cc)   1500 1758 2505
  Cold Starting Aid   Glow Plug Glow Plug Glow Plug
  Fuel Tank Capacity ()   32 32 40
  Cooling system   Water- cooled Water- cooled Water- cooled
PTO PTO type std (opt)   Independent PTO  Independent PTO  Independent PTO 
  Max. PTO power (hp)   23 31 41
  PTO speed std (rpm)   540 540 540
  Safety interlock   yes yes yes
  Control    Electro hydraulic Electro hydraulic Electro hydraulic
Power Train Basic Transmission (opt)   3 Stage Hydrostatic 3 Stage Hydrostatic 3 Stage Hydrostatic
  Speed Range (Km/h)                  1.7~26.1 1.7~27.4 1.08~32.4
  Brake type   wet, multi disc wet, multi disc wet, multi disc
  Parking Brake (hand lever) yes yes yes
Hydraulics Control   Position, Draft, Mixed Position, Draft, Mixed Position, Draft, Mixed
  Delivery                    MAIN 30/170 30.8/170 31/175
  (pm,kg/)             STEERING 13/120 13.6/120 15.6/145
  Remote valves std   2 Pairs 2 Pairs 2 Pairs
  Lift capacity at the ball end (kg) 1188 1188 1250
  3-point linkage category   1 1 1
  Steering type   Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Electricals Battery capacity   12V, 80AH 12V, 80AH 12V, 80AH
  Working light   N/A N/A yes
  Alternator   12V-50A 12V-50A 12V-50A
Dimensions Standard Tire                     Front 7-14, 4PR(6-14) 7-16, 4PR(7-14) 8-18, 4PR
  (agricultural type) Rear 11.2-24, 8PR(9.5-24) 12.4-24, 8PR(11.2-24) 13.6-24, 6PR
  Length (bumper to link end) (mm) 2987 2987 3192
  Tread (mm)   1059 1059 1100
  Height (mm)         ROPS 2314 2353 2447
  Weight without ballast                 ROPS 1200 1230 1625
  Wheel base(mm)   1660 1660 1758
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